Saturday, July 17, 2010

He wants to be her Cum Dumpster

You know me being who I am I figured I had heard it all. Guys generally leave little to the imagination and when they tell me they want to dump their load on my glorious tits and watch me lick it all my hardened nipples than I figure that is exactly what I was expecting to hear. Well, you learn something new everyday. Dave called this morning. It was around 3 am and he had something he said he needed to get off his chest. Okay, I was tired but what the hell. I threw him a bone and told him to spill his guts. Turns out he did have a secret to tell. The 41 year old man who had been single for the last 6 months was single because his now ex girlfriend dumped him for the guy they had a three way with. Ha, I wouldn't even call it a three way. He told me they went at it while he watched from the chair across the room. He said it got him all horny to watch his then girlfriend suck the guys cock while she watched him stroke his dick from across the room. The third guy by the way was someone she picked out. Dave only agreed to him because she knew him and was unsure about bringing in one of his friends or a complete stranger. He should have went with a stranger if you ask me.

Anyway, getting back to the story. So his girlfriend was giving this guy the biggest blow job of his life while her boyfriend stroked his own cock watching her. He admitted it got him off seeing her suck another man's dick. After she was done with his dick the dude flipped her over and started going down on her. Dave said he watched the guys tongue play with her clit while he thrust two fingers in her pussy. She was squealing with delight and Dave just sat there across the room watching.

I thought this was suppose to be a three way. Seems to be only two if you ask me. I asked him if he joined them and he said he was getting to that part.

He said he moved closer and sat on the edge of the bed. By that time his girl and the guy were going at it. He was fucking her doggy style in her pussy, then her ass, then her pussy again. Dave watched while they tore into each other. His girlfriend then climbed on top of the guy and rode his cock while Dave watched her tits bounce up and down.

This is where it gets good..... or bad.... whichever way you want to take it.

The guy was close to cumming. His girl had already had a few orgasms by now and Dave of course was still being left out. His girl then did the craziest thing and instructed Dave to blow the guy.

What??? Puzzled?

Yeah, that's what I said. She told him to suck the guys dick and swallow his cum. Did Dave do it? Of course the sissy cum dumpster did it. He said he sucked that guys dick and swallowed every drop that exploded in his mouth. He even licked the tip of his dick clean while his then girlfriend squealed in delight.

Now is Dave gay? He said he isn't and of course I believe him. He was just trying to please his girlfriend. I don't think I have ever went out with a guy that was so willing to please me but then again... I would never ask my boyfriend, or any other guy for that matter, to suck some one's dick for me.

Now that wasn't the conclusion to Dave's story. The said part is the bitch dumped his ass a week later to go out with the fucker that emptied his load in Dave's mouth. You heard me correctly. He swallowed the guys juices and then his girl dumped him for the same dude.

So sad. Sorry Dave. So sad to hear about your misfortunes. You silly cum dumpster. I am sure you'll never to that again. But then again.... you may have enjoyed it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Dick Syndrome

What is up with the guys wanting to know what I think of little dick? Quite frequently I hear questions about how I feel about men with 4 inch cocks. Truthfully? I've never been with a man with less than 6 inches. To make that clearer I can wrap both hands around the guys cock and still see head poking out, some more than others. In my personal opinion, men with little dicks need to quit whining and learn how to please their woman in other ways. Honestly, if you tongue fuck your girlfriend, or whatever she is and bring her to orgasm a couple of times I don't think she will mind so much that your dick is small. If all else fails and she wants to big dick penetration buy her a 7 or 8 inch vibrator and fuck her with that. Even better, if she will let you, get one of those dildos that allow you to fuck her in both holes. She will be squirming then, regardless of the size of your penis. There are plenty of ways to overcome small dick syndrome. Remember, if she has that big of an issue with it move on and find somebody else. Don't waste your time. But honestly, I'm a real bitch and even that I can overlook as long as he is willing to please me in other ways. Shut your mouth and quit your wussy ass whining and take that tongue and tongue fuck her to her hearts delight. Good luck you small dicked bitch. Just know you are not alone. Otherwise, keep on stroking.

4:30 am Wake-up Call

Around 4:30 this morning I faintly hear my phone ringing in the distance. Keep in mind I barely went to sleep around 3 am so the ringing phone was a rude awakening. As I neared consciousness I recognized the ring tone. I groggily picked it up and answered it.

"What do you want loser?"

Was I rude? Nah, I don't think so. The heavy breathing on the other end immediately aroused my attention.

"I need a release."

Yeah, he was a loser. 4:30 in the morning and already slapping the cock. Wow. You guys never seize to amaze me.

So I told him how fucking nasty he was and he should be ashamed of himself for stroking his poor dick this early in the morning. Turns out me talking shit to him merely made him hornier. I could still hear his heavy breathing and the restlessness in is breath.

So I told him to put my picture in front of him (as he is obviously wanking off to it), get down on his knees and stroke that cock like I would. Spit in the palm of your hand and rub that cock up and down your shaft. Take the other hand and massage your balls if you can all the while saying "I am Jayden's sex slave."

I couldn't help but giggle when I heard him grunt. You dirty pig I told him. How does that slippery cock feel between your fists? Don't you wish it was my mouth on that cock of yours. My tongue gliding over your fuck hole as I pump my lips up and down your hard prick.

He moaned again. I could tell he was enjoying himself. Maybe too much. I told him to lay back down and shoot his load all over his stomach. That nasty fuck wanted to play with his dick at 4:30 in the morning he was going to have to feel what is was like to have his own spew all over him. A few seconds past and the guy grunted loudly onto the phone. After a moment of silence he spoke into the phone.

"Thank you Jayden.. You are so fucking hot. Nothing better than masturbating to your voice.. and picture."

Good, I told him but before I let him hang up I explained he would have to repay me in another way, besides financially.... which I love..... but I would require a picture of his chest.. with his love juice splattered over it. He hesitated at first but then agreed to my request. Maybe I will share the pic with you later.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lat Nights Caller

Last night I had some pretty hot calls. I thought I would share one with you.

“Hi, Jayden here”

“Hi Jayden, it’s Greg. I’m pretty horny right now and need something to help me take the edge off.”

“Sounds good to me. I was just playing with a few toys and was thinking about the first time I was with another girl. Would you like to hear about it.”

Greg let out a grunt. “Sounds good to me.” He gasped.

I went on to tell him about the college party I was at that night. The liquor was flowing and by the end of the night I was pretty wasted. A bunch of us were playing quarters but the catch was every time we missed we had to take a shot and remove a piece of clothing. I was pretty lousy at quarters so of course I ended up drunk off of tequila and in my bra and panties.

“What color were your panties?” He asked.

They were black, the silky kind that left little to the imagination. The only other girl playing with me (who was bare breasted by now) was staring me down like a piece of meat. I could tell she was into me but me being a pussy virgin didn’t know how to react. Unfortunately for us the two guys at the table were pretty good so we didn’t even get a look at their cocks. By the time the game was over I was left in my panties and she was completely naked…. Her glorious pussy for all to see and she wasn’t shy about showing it either.

Let me tell you, I was getting pretty horny myself recalling that night and I could tell Greg was really turned on. I asked him what he was doing.

“I’m stroking my dick just thinking about you and that naked girl.”

Mmmm. I turned up my toy and it buzzed in delight.

“What is that?” He asked.

“My best friend, “I casually replied. If Greg was going to get off I felt like I should do the same. By this time I was all wet. I closed my eyes as I recalled that night like it was yesterday.

“Go on,” he insisted. I must have trailed off for a second there and I know he heard me moan a few times at the sensations my vibe was sending up my spine.

The game was over. The guys I guess figured they were getting no action from either one of us and left us there alone at the table. We ended up sharing a cab that night because neither one of us was sober enough to drive. Sometime during the cab ride to my apartment I envited her over for another drink. Silly me. We were so wasted already. Who would figure we could fit anymore liquor into our young tight bodies. I knew what I was thinking. I was getting excited even before we reached my apartment.

“What happened after you made it home?” Greg’s breathed heavily into the phone.

I knew he was still stroking that cock of his. I could hear it is his labored breathing.

I went on with the story. We made it up to the apartment and I went to the fridge to get some drinks. Even before I could close the door to the refridgerator I could feel her come up behind me. She reached up and wrapped her arms around me. Her hands inclosed over my breasts. Thrill shot up my spine and my nipples immediately hardened at the feel of her fingers grazing them ever so lightly. I had never been touched by a woman before. It felt so good. I could feel it all the way down belly…. down to that sensitive place between my thighs. I moaned. ( I even moaned into the phone)

Greg let out a soft moan also. I could tell he was getting closer to exploding. I could almost smell that precum seeping out of his stiffened cock. I licked my lips. It would be so nice to taste it.

“You have a gorgous body,” she said and before I knew it we were both naked in my living room. Don’t ask me how we made it there. That part is a haze. All I can recall is those round gourgous breasts and those perky nipples. I wanted to put my mouth on them. I wanted to know what another women tasted like.

My breathing was getting faster as relating this story was making me feel hot all over and my already wet pussy was pulsating. I could hear Greg moaning at the other end of the phone.

“Describe her to me.” He insisted.

She had long straight blonde hair and a smaller frame them me. She was sexy, her breasts perky with nipples so hard they could cut air. She pushed me down on the sofa and ran her hands down my stomach and over my hips. I sighed with pleasure. How did I ever go so long without a woman’s touch? She ran her fingers up and down my slit and then slipped two fingers inside me. She used her other hand to gently circle my clitoris.

At this point in my recollection I had already began playing with my clit and told Greg what I was doing. He eagerly acknowledged and told me his hand was stroking his massive hard on. I apparently had gotten him far more hornier than he had been when he had called. Good I told him.

“Are imagining you are watching me us together?”


I am playing with my wet pussy right now. It is making me so horny remembering what happened….”

“Please tell me more…”


Her fingers were exploring inside me now and she found my G-spot. She began to gently rub her fingers against it and then she put a little more pressure on my clitoris. It was the perfect amount – just enough to send ripples of pleasure up and down my body. She began to vibrate her fingers inside me and soon I was gasping and coming on her wicked fingers.

“My turn” she instructed and rolled over on to my sofa. I was still reeling from the orgasm she had just racked through my body but I was all too eager to oblige. Her body was so damned sexy and I wanted to taste every inch of her. I started at her tits. I ran my tongue around the outside of her nipple she wiggled with delight. Now I understood men’s fascination with breasts. I hungrily sucked on one nipple than moved on to the other all the while kneading the other with one hand. My other hand busily stroked my own clit. My tongue trailed down her taught body and finally to the treasure chest between her legs. I flicked my tongue over her clit a few times and she moaned in appreciation.

Greg was making noises on the other end of the line. “I’m going to cum Julie. Tell me more. Help me cum.”

By that time I was hungrily laping up the sweet juices flowing from her pussy. She tasted so good and it felt so natural to me. Like I was meant to be doing this. I thrust two fingers into her wet slit and flicked my tongue over her clit. My other hand found it’s way back up to her perfectly round tits. My fingers twirled her nipple while my other stroked her hole. She was moaning and wiggling so much I knew she was going to climax. I thrust my fingers in and out of her like a pro. When she did cum I lapped her juices so fast. It was so good.

Greg let out a loud moan and I could hear him blow his load. He grunted and then let out a loud sigh.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Oh yes, my nut was so hard. I’m going to have to take a shower now. But before I go I want to hear you cum.”

I licked my lips. This guy was wild. It was the first time a caller wanted to wait for me to orgasm. I cranked up my mini vibe and put it on my love button.

“I want you to take that dildo I know you’re playing with and fuck yourself. Imagine it is my dick all hard inside of you.” Greg instructed.

I did as I was told. Thankfully I had a Bluetooth on. Hands free talking left me free to pleasure myself and I loved every bit of it.

“ You like my fat cock inside of you don’t you.”

“Yeah baby. Your cock is so big.” I was close to cumming myself. Greg teased me on. He told me he was fucking me hard. To ram my dildo in my cunt hard. I did as I was told. When I did cum it was amazing. My entire body shook from the intensity.

“Mmm. I liked that.” Greg explained. “I like you. Can I keep you?”

I giggled at his remark. He thanked me and we said our goodbyes but not before he said he would call me again.

Greg, if you are reading this, I can’t wait to hear from you again. You’ve been the best damn phone I’ve had so far.


I hope you enjoyed my story as much as Greg did. Feel free to call if you want to hear more. If you want to share your own stories I am all ears. I love a good phone fuck. Until then…… I'll be sipping on a glass of red wine.

~Naughty Texas Girl~